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Sandwich Panel Modular Flat-pack Prefab House

Sandwich Panel Modular Flat-pack Prefab House

HOUSESPACE specializes in the production of prefab house. HOUSESPACE container house is flat-pack, so it's convenient to transport and ship. HOUSESPACE container house is modular, so it's easy to install, just like the IKEA furniture. Because of these advantages, HOUSESPACE container house is widely used in more and more fields.

Product Details


Flat-pack house is a type of product which uses steel structure and light-weight wall panels system. This kind of house consists of roof, floor, corner post, exchangable wall panels and others accessories. It can be flat-pack.



NO.Exterior dimensionsInterior dimensionsWeight
16055mm*2435mm*2896mm5845mm*2225mm*2610mmfrom 1650kg
26055mm*3000mm*2896mm5845mm*2790mm*2610mmfrom 1800kg

Main Structure


Container Layout




1, How the container house to be waterproof?

The roof is with two slopes. When the rain water drop on the roof, it will flow to two side of the roof. 

On the edges of container roof, there are grooves which is good to drainage water.

On the joint place of floor and wall panels, there are drainage channel whose usage is to prevent the water getting into the room.

2, How to combine the container house together?

Outside of the house, we use sealer strip to fill the gap between two containers. We use steel plate and M20 bolts to connect containers in the corner casts. In the room, we use molding steel plate to cover the gap in the roof, floor and corner post.

3, What's the wind pressure and the snow load of the container house?

The container house can bear 20m/s wind, the roof can load 100kg/m2 snow.

As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of sandwich panel modular flat-pack prefab house in China, Housespace also deal with customized business to make customer 100% satisfied. Introducing world leading technology and equipment, we bring you high quality, stable, strong and durable modular house made in China.
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No.8, Guanghua Road, Zhangjiawan Industrial Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China