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Flat-pack Fast Build Container House Price

Flat-pack Fast Build Container House Price

Office and Dormitory Project, decorated with wood plastic cladding board.

Product Details

Flat-pack Fast Build container house price


Flat pack house is a prefabricated modular unit that offers customers flexibility and multiple design configurations to optimize their temporary modular space. Flat pack house can expand horizontally and vertically which makes it especially attractive in confined locations such as metropolitan areas. The walls are created by choosing from fourteen interchangeable panels that afford the utmost versatility in building design configuration. 



External: 6055*2435*2896mm

Internal:  5895*2275*2610mm

 Main Structure 

3Corner post: 4 PCS
4Side wall panels: 14 PCS
7Electricity, plumbing and others   


 Product Advantages 


Flexible Combinatio

     Each unit can be used individually, and also can be set side-by-side in longitudinal and transverse direction without limits and can built up to 3 floors to meet customer's needs in multi-field and multi-purpose.

Easy to Decorate
     Each unit can be add roof, coordors, rainshed,stainway,bathroom, furniture, etc. The exterior wall also can be decorated with wood plastic cladding board, glass curtain wall, differnt painting, to looks unique and luxury.

Quick Installation, Low Requirements for Foundation
    Generally,4 workers can install 1 standard unit in 2 hours. 90% work has been prefabricated in the factory, so the work on site is less, can save lots of labour cost.

Safety & Durability, Long Service Life
      More than 20 years life time.

      Excellent quality.

      Wind resistence to 10 degree.

      Seismic resistance to 8 degree.




This projecct is our standard container house with wood plastic cladding board .

More project cases, please contact us.


As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of flat-pack fast build container house price in China, Housespace also deal with customized business to make customer 100% satisfied. Introducing world leading technology and equipment, we bring you high quality, stable, strong and durable modular house made in China.
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