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Ingenious Modular Architecture
Jul 25, 2017

Ingenious Modular Architecture



With the development of modular housing, it has been gradually entered people's field of vision, Modular house divide the house into different functional modules, prefabricated in the factory, modular production, on-site installation, fast and convenient, can be recycled use and applied to various fields. The invention and progress of science and technology provide the necessary support for modular construction, and make modular building combined the essence of modern and traditional craft. Many builiding has becomed a creative vane to display its unique beauty.

 Self-service Supermarket 


It was on the streets of Shanghai, Beijing

China's first 24 hours Self-service Supermarket

About 10 square meters or so

It names Bingo Box

For the consumers

this 24 hour Self-service Supermarket

has greatly facilitated people's daily life.

Modular House Can Do More Than That! 





This Villa is a personal project,

built for reception and accommodation. 

The ground floor is combined by two 

and the top floor is one container house with a balcony. 

Outdoor use of golden aluminum plate and indoor 

use wood plastic cladding board and laminated floor for decoration, 

the overall is high-grade and comfortable.

 Project for Scientific Research Base in Poyang Lake 


This is a project for experts in Department of Earth Sciences,Tsinghua University

A place for office and rest

It is made up of standard modules of 3 meters X6 meters

And has an exclusive garage for storage vehicles


The first floor is the Meeting Room

for daily  conference, office work, etc.


Two bedrooms and one bathroom in the top floor

for rest and entertainment

wood plastic fence design

make the whole building luxury, unique and fantastic.

Housespace focuses on the needs of all sectors and groups

and make the contaienr house to the perfaction!

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