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Viewing Platform For Bormuda Yatching Competition In Bermuda
Jul 28, 2017

Viewing Platform for Bormuda yatching competition in Bermuda


Flat pack house is a prefabricated modular unit that offers customers flexibility and multiple design configurations to optimize their temporary modular space. Flat pack house can expand horizontally and vertically which makes it especially attractive in confined locations such as metropolitan areas. The walls are created by choosing from fourteen interchangeable panels that afford the utmost versatility in building design configuration. 



Safty and reliable light steel flexible structural system

Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, repetitive to use

Good and attractive apperance

Waterproof, soud-insulated, heat preservation, seal, easy to clean and maintenant 

Any dimension and customized design are available

Widely modal application, the office, conference room, dormitory, store, factory etc. 


This project is completed by the participation of Housespace.

Viewing Platform for Bormuda yatching competition

Bormuda yatching competition is one of the most famous events in the history of sailing

Attracted many excellent athletes from all over the world to come here


With the development of Housespace, more and more oversea project will be built all over the world.


Excellent performance has brought excellent results to athletesAnd a comfortable environment also

gives everyone a pleasant experience of seeing and enjoying

Stood on the seaside, you can contact with the competitors

Stood on the platform, you can overlook the whole match

Housespace focuses on the needs of all sectors and groups

and make the contaienr house to the perfaction!

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